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Edward Scissorhands, 1990

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track 1: all star - smash mouth
track 2: all star - smash mouth
track 3: all star - smash mouth
track 4: all star - smash mouth
track 5: all star - smash mouth
track 6: all star - smash mouth
track 7: all star - smash mouth
track 8: all star - smash mouth
track 9: all star - smash mouth
track 10: all star - smash mouth
track 11: all star - smash mouth
track 12: all star - smash mouth

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"nobody fucking helps me in this house"


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The more I learn about Satanism, the less horrendous it seems. Not even kidding.

That’s cause non-theistic Satanism is more about worshipping yourself and sorta treating others how you want to be treated etc

hail satan

satanism is actually really solid like the Fifth Satanic Rule of the Earth says not to make sexual advances unless you are given consent 

satan seems like a pretty nice guy

This week on “I didn’t know I was a Satanist”

Wait till you hear the Nine Satanic Sins

1. Stupidity

2. Pretentiousness

3. Solipsism

4. Self-deceit

5. Herd conformity

6. Lack of perspective

7. Forgetfulness of past orthodoxies

8. Counterproductive pride

9. Lack of aesthetics

That’s right. If you ain’t got no style, you be sinning.

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why did the semen cross the road? 

i wore the wrong the socks



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I can’t believe Sidney ate a cat today




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My first impression of this was that everytime you sell yourself to technology and the masses, you lose a bit of your identity I don’t care if that’s completely wrong that’s why I love art

Or it’s just an enlargement of a thumb print swipe. O.o

If I’ve learned anything in my 2.5 years of studying art it’s that it can’t just be what it is. Even if as the artist your intention is to just present an image with no double meaning or weird message behind it, people will always still contrive something else from your work. I literally just wanna paint inter tubes and flamingos and weird shit for no reason but there’s always gonna be someone who’s like “this is definitely speaking on global warming” or “I see this as a piece that touches on the dangers of the tobacco industry” and you just have to roll with it. SORRY ABOUT THE WEIRD PARAGRAPH RANT.

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The Darn Knight Narcs

I need to send this to Andrew

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my brother and I are fighting over a flannel
I’ve called him a dick, a stubborn noob, and a fishmonger tonight
this argument will never be resolved because we are both way too stubborn



Next Generation Spacesuit like Second Skin

Scientists from MIT have designed a next-generation spacesuit that acts practically as a second skin, and could revolutionize the way future astronauts travel into space. (Photo : Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT)

Astronauts are used to climbing into conventional bulky, gas-pressurized spacesuits, but this new design could allow them to travel in style. Soon they may don a lightweight, skintight and stretchy garment lined with tiny, muscle-like coils. Essentially the new suit acts like a giant piece of shrink-wrap, in which the coils contract and tighten when plugged into a power supply, thereby creating a “second skin.”

"With conventional spacesuits, you’re essentially in a balloon of gas that’s providing you with the necessary one-third of an atmosphere [of pressure,] to keep you alive in the vacuum of space," lead researcher Dava Newman, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems at MIT, said in astatement.

"We want to achieve that same pressurization, but through mechanical counterpressure - applying the pressure directly to the skin, thus avoiding the gas pressure altogether. We combine passive elastics with active materials. … Ultimately, the big advantage is mobility, and a very lightweight suit for planetary exploration."

Newman, who has worked for the past decade on a design for the next-generation spacesuit, describes the new garment in detail in the journal IEEE/ASME: Transactions on Mechatronics.

The MIT BioSuit’s coils, which are a main feature of the outfit, are made from a shape-memory alloy (SMA). At a certain temperature, the material can “remember” and spring back to its engineered shape after being bent or misshapen.

Skintight suits are not a novel idea, but in the past scientists have always struggled with the question: how do you get in and out of a suit that is so tight? That’s where the SMAs come in, allowing the suit to contract only when heated, and subsequently stretched back to a looser shape when cooled.

Though the lightweight suit may not seem at first like it can withstand the harsh environment that is outer space, Newman and his colleagues are sure that the BioSuit would not only give astronauts much more freedom during planetary exploration, but it would also fully support these space explorers.

Newman and his team are not only working on how to keep the suit tight for long periods of time, but also believe their design could be applied to other attires, such as athletic wear or military uniforms.

"An integrated suit is exciting to think about to enhance human performance," Newman added. "We’re trying to keep our astronauts alive, safe, and mobile, but these designs are not just for use in space."

Scuse you, Dava Newman is a FEMALE professor at MIT. 

(fyi, I passed out in a vacuum chamber wearing an earlier version of this suit. =D)

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